Environmental Awareness

A larger effort goes even further.

As a company of individuals who all enjoy the outdoors, it raises our spirits to see the recent boom in green practices around the world. We’re proud to say we’ve been making our efforts to be an eco-conscious company for over 14 years now and constantly looking for more ways to reduce our footprint.

A few of our efforts to date:

Less Waste Water

We converted our presses to a waterless system, an offset lithographic process that eliminates the water dampening systems in conventional printing. We eliminate up to 70% of the waste that a traditional press would produce. This process also allows our presses to come up to color and register faster (and hold them), promoting less paper usage, resulting in significant manufacturing and paper cost savings.

Recyclable Materials

We utilize recyclable printing plates in our presses. These plates are developed directly at the press, requiring zero chemicals in the process. This eliminates the waste produced and additional time that results from traditional plate development and usage on offset presses.

Cleaner Inks

Our use of vegetable oil-based ink reduces the concerns associated with the use of conventional petroleum-based and solvent-based inks. The decision to use substitute inks is a beneficial part of an overall toxic-use reduction program and can help reduce the use of hazardous or toxic substances in other materials such as cleaning solutions.

Post-Consumer Paper

Offering recycled paper may seem like a common thing, but when you consider the amount of paper we use in a year,  those recycled sheets save a decent amount of trees every year. We feel that it is extremely important to offer only the best post-consumer paper available to our customers. With many options out there, we can help guide you in making the correct choice for your project.